Welcome to Keith Frankish's website

I am an English philosopher and writer, currently living in Crete. I am a Senior Visiting Research Fellow with The Open University, UK (where I was until recently a Senior Lecturer) and an Adjunct Professor with the Brain and Mind Programme at the University of Crete.

My research focuses primarily on topics in philosophy of psychology, including the nature of belief, mental architecture (especially dual-process theories of reasoning), consciousness, and cognitive theories of psychopathology.

I have written textbooks for several Open University courses, and enjoy the challenge of presenting philosophical arguments in an accessible and engaging way. I am currently developing philosophy of mind teaching materials for children.

Outside philosophy, I am working on several creative writing projects.

This website contains information about me, my research, my publications (both articles & chapters and books), selected talks and lectures I have given, and more. It also makes available eprints of my work, podcasts, and lecture presentations.

The website is also the home of my philosophy of mind blog, Tricks of the Mind.


June 2014: Publication of The Cambridge Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, edited by Bill Ramsey and myself.

April 2013: Delivering a series of lectures on philosophy of mind and philosophy of science for the Interdisciplinary Programme in the Brain and Mind Sciences at the University of Crete — the premier graduate programme in the Neurosciences in Greece. Students can find course materials for these lectures on my teaching page.

April 2013: Keynote speech at the Bounded Rationality conference (http://herbertsimonsociety NULL.org/bounded-rationality-updated/program/) (First International Congress of The Herbert Simon Society), Italian Cultural Institute, New York, 8-10 April. [Video presentation] (http://youtu NULL.be/ljo-r4LK2vQ)

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