Welcome to my website. I am a philosopher and writer, British-born but living in Crete, Greece, and now with dual British/Greek citizenship. (The Greek version of my name is Κηθ Φράνκις.)

I am an Honorary Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Sheffield, UK, a Visiting Research Fellow with The Open University, UK (where I was formerly a Senior Lecturer), and an Adjunct Professor with the Brain and Mind Programme at the University of Crete. I am also editor of the Cambridge University Press series Elements in Philosophy of Mind.

I work mainly in philosophy of mind, though I have interests in many other areas of philosophy too. I spent many years thinking about the nature of belief and reasoning, developing a ‘two-level’ view of the human mind, which I presented in my 2004 book, Mind and Supermind. Later, I turned to the topic of consciousness, and I now spend much of my time defending the unpalatable but salutary view that phenomenal consciousness is an introspective illusion.

This website contains my blog, Tricks of the Mind, information about my research, publications, and talks (with eprints and other materials), interviews with me, photographs, light-hearted pieces, and a contact form. There are also links to my YouTube channel, my poetry readings, the Mind Chat podcast I host with Philip Goff, and my own Mind to Mind podcast.

In addition, this site is now the home for the material about Greece that was formerly hosted on my Philhellenes website. I have closed down that site but transferred the posts here, along with my Greece blog, which I will continue to update.

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