Audio & video interviews

Hear This Idea (November 2021)

Interviewers: Fin Moorhouse and Robert Long of the Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford
Webpage for the interview, with contents. quotes, and further reading.

Mind-Body Solution (August 2021)

Interviewer: Dr Tevin Naidu

Friction AMA (April 2021)

28. Keith Frankish | Mind | 2021/04/10

The Dawdler’s Philosophy (April 2020)

Interviewers: Harland Grant and R.T.P. McKenna

The Primalosophy Podcast (March 2020)

Interviewer: Nick Holderbaum

Seize the Moment Podcast (December 2019)

Interviewers: Leon Garber and Alen Ulman

NOUS the Podcast (December 2019)

Interviewer: Ilan Goodman

Rationally Speaking Podcast (October 2019)

Interviewer: Julia Galef

Seize the Moment Podcast (October 2019)

Interviewers: Leon Garber and Alen Ulman

Consciousness Live (September 2019

Consciousness Live S2 Ep 7 -Discussion with Keith Frankish and Philip Goff

Embrace the Void (June 2019)

Interviewer: Jay Shapiro

Consciousness Live! (April 2019)

Interviewer: Richard Brown

Consciousness Live! S2 Ep 1 -Discussion with Keith Frankish

The Dissenter (February 2019)

Interviewer: Ricardo Lopes

Part 1: Consciousness As An Illusion
Keith Frankish Part 1: Consciousness As An Illusion
Part 2: Why Consciousness Evolved, Free Will, and AI
Keith Frankish Part 2: Why Consciousness Evolved, Free Will, and AI

The Consciousness Podcast (May 2018)

Interviewer: Stuart Preston
Page for the interview on Stuart’s website, including a full list of Stuart’s questions.

Philosophy Bites (January 2017)

Interviewer: Nigel Warburton (produced for Nicholas Shea’s AHRC-funded research project, Meaning for the Brain and Meaning for the Person.

The Wright Show (November 2016)

Interviewer: Robert Wright

The illusion of consciousness | Robert Wright & Keith Frankish [The Wright Show]
Also available on Meaning of Life TV

Philosophy Bites (October 2014)

Interviewer: Nigel Warburton

Interview in Greenland (June 2014)

Interview conducted by members of The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies during the conference on Problems of Consciousness and Free Will in Analytic Philosophy, held in Greenland from 12 to 19 June 2014. (The ship in the background is the three-mast schooner Rembrandt van Rijn, on which the conference was held.)

Interview with Keith Frankish in Greenland / Интервью с Китом Франкишем в Гренландии

Philosophy TV (2011)

Physicalists typically deny that we have ‘classic’ qualia (intrinsic, ineffable, private properties of experience), but insist that we have something more than merely ‘zero’ qualia (dispositions to judge that we have classic qualia). Is there a coherent ‘diet’ notion of qualia, which is intermediate between the two?

Richard Brown and Keith Frankish on Philosophy TV
Also available on Philosophy TV, with an associated comment thread