Conceptualizing Mental Illness seminars, 2006-7

Montage of images relating to mental illness

I formerly was director of The Open University’s Mind, Meaning, and Rationality research group, and in this role I organized a series of seminars on mental illness, held at the university’s Milton Keynes campus in 2006-7.

13 December 2006
Matthew Broome (Psychiatry, Warwick), Delusions, cognitive mechanisms, and the prodromal phase of psychosis
Powerpoint presentation
Related poster presentation
Dr Broome’s homepage, with online versions of some of his papers

23 January 2007
Lisa Bortolotti (Philosophy Birmingham)
Authorship in Delusion
Related paper (details only)
Dr Bortolotti’s website, with online versions of some of her papers

20 February 2007
Tim Thornton (University of Central Lancashire)
Can we use Wittgenstein to understand delusions?
PowerPoint presentation
Professor Thornton’s homepage, with online versions of some of his papers

20 March 2007
Rachel Cooper (Lancaster University)
Against anti-psychiatry
Dr Cooper’s homepage, with online versions of some of her papers

28th March 2007 (mini conference)

Peter Naish (Biological Sciences, The Open University)
Hypnosis and Psychosis – The Temporal Connection

Fred Toates (Biological Sciences, The Open University)
Maladaptive thoughts — what do they tell us about cognition and behaviour? The evidence from obsessions and addictions
Powerpoint presentation

Ilona Roth (Biological Sciences Department, The Open University)
Autism spectrum poetry and the autistic mental world
Related book chapter (details only)
Ilona Roth’s web profile

Image credits: Hypnosis subject, Freud’s couch, Quetiapine

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