‘Everett’s informed activism on behalf of Greek independence is perhaps the first great example of American ‘engaged scholarship’, fitting for the scholar who was the first in his country to earn a PhD.’ Johanna Hanink on Edward Everett, the American classicist who became an unlikely spokesperson for Greek revolutionaries.

‘Maybe what Rodin really has in common with the creators of the Parthenon is an insatiable appetite for life.’ Jonathan Jones reviews ‘Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece’ at the British Museum.

How did the Mycenaeans cut through the especially tough type of rock they used in their palaces and tombs? Read about the homemade pendulum saw that is ‘the most persuasive reconstruction of a Mycenaean sawing machine’.

‘The program is a very important and innovative educational, scientific and cultural initiative for this country.’ Greece is getting its first English undergraduate program, organized by the University of Athens and the International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki.

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