Embrace the Void

Part 2

Consciousness Live!

In April 2019 Richard Brown interviewed me for his podcast series ‘Consciousness Live!’. I always enjoy talking to Richard and we had a lively discussion in which explored the similarities and differences between our views.

The Dissenter

February 2019: Ricardo Lopes interviewed me for his popular podcast series ‘The Dissenter’. We talked about consciousness, illusionism, free will, and AI.

The Reading Lists interview: The development of our minds

May 2018: Phil Treagus interviewed me about my literary influences, reading habits, and book recommendations for his excellent website The Reading Lists. Read the interview.

The Consciousness Podcast interview on illusionism as a theory of consciousness

In May 2018 Stuart Preston interviewed me about illusionism for his podcast series ‘The Consciousness Podcast’. You can listen to the interview below or visit Stuart’s website, where you will find the interview, a download link, a full list of Stuart’s questions, and a comment thread.

AI and consciousness

Richard Bright interviewed me for the February 2018 issue of Interalia Magazine, the theme of which was ‘Being Human with Artificial Intelligence’. We talked about the nature of intelligence, the ways in which machine intelligence might enhance the human mind, artificial consciousness, and the risks of developing advanced AI. Read the interview.

Five books on philosophy of mind

In this long interview for the Five Books website, published in February 2018, Nigel Warburton talked to me about my choice of the five best books in contemporary philosophy of mind. Read the interview here.

Philosophy Bites interview on conscious thought

In 2016 I recorded another interview for Philosophy Bites, the popular philosophy podcast series produced by Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds. The subject this time was conscious thought, and the podcast was part of the Mind Bites series, which Nigel and David produced for Nicholas Shea’s AHRC-funded research project, Meaning for the Brain and Meaning for the Person. You can listen to the interview below, and you can discuss it on the project site. interview with Robert Wright

In October 2016 Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero) interviewed me for The Wright Show on We talked about my views on consciousness and related topics. Here is the full video, with timings for some sections within it.

02:15 Consciousness as an illusion
10:02 How would a belief look in the brain?
23:07 Two kinds of dualism
29:49 What if you and I see blue differently?
38:34 Is it like something to be Keith Frankish?
01:05:37 Why thinking about consciousness is so hard

The page for the interview, with associated comment thread.

Philosophy Bites interview on qualia

In September 2014 Nigel Warburton recorded this interview with me for the Philosophy Bites podcast series. We discussed my views about qualia and the hard problem of consciousness.

Interview in Greenland

The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies recorded this interview with me during the conference on Problems of Consciousness and Free Will in Analytic Philosophy, held in Greenland from 12 to 19 June 2014. (The ship in the background is the three-mast schooner Rembrandt van Rijn, on which the conference was held.)

Philosophy TV discussion with Richard Brown

In 2011 Richard Brown (CUNY) and I recorded this 60-minute discussion about consciousness for Philosophy TV. Physicalists find it hard to accept the existence of ‘classic’ qualia (intrinsic, ineffable, private properties of experience), but can they plausibly hold that we have only ‘zero’ qualia (dispositions to judge that we have classic qualia)? Is there a coherent ‘diet’ notion of qualia, which is intermediate between the two? Richard and I discussed these and related issues.

Watch on Philosophy TV’s Vimeo channel.

The Philosophy TV page for the discussion, with and associated comment thread.

Interview with Daniel Dennett: Consciousness explained

I recorded this interview with Daniel Dennett in 2004 to accompany my Open University textbook on consciousness. Professor Dennett talked about issues surrounding intentionality and consciousness and about his belief that consciousness can be scientifically explained. The interview is a companion to an interview with David Chalmers recorded at the same time.

Here is a transcript of the interview (pdf).

Interview with David Chalmers: The hard problem

In 2004 I conducted this audio interview with David Chalmers to accompany my textbook on consciousness for the Open University course Thought and Experience. We talked about his articulation of the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness and his defense of a property dualist position.

Here is a transcript of the interview (pdf)