Mind and science 2019

Note: This page contains information related to my 2019 lecture course at the University of Crete. Information about my past teaching activities can be found in my CV.

Introductory lectures on philosophy of mind and philosophy of science for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme in the Brain and Mind Sciences, University of Crete, March 2019.

Below are copies of the slide presentations from my lectures. Note: The presentations contain various images, linked videos, and quotations. I believe my use of these counts as ‘fair use’ (if the material is not already in the public domain), but if anyone feels that their copyright has been infringed, please contact me and I will remove the relevant material immediately.

Comments are enabled on this page for student discussion.

Lecture 1 (15/03/19): The immaterial mind

(i) The problems of the mind (ii) Minds as souls

Lecture 1 (18/03/19): The material mind

(i) Bahviourism (ii) Identity theory

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