Mind and Science 2013

Four introductory lectures on philosophy of mind and philosophy of science for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme in the Brain and Mind Sciences, University of Crete, April 2013.


The presentations for these lectures were created using Prezi. To view each presentation (‘prezi’) online, click on the “Present” button , then use the forward and back arrows to navigate. To view the prezi fullscreen, click on the icon on the far right of the menu bar.

Lecture 1 (05/04/13): Introduction; minds as immaterial substances; minds as behavioural dispositions.

Lecture 2 (09/04/13): Minds as material substances; the problem of intentionality; theories of content.

Lecture 3 (12/04/13): The problem of phenomenality; property dualism; naturalizing consciousness.

Lecture 4 (16/04/13): Minds as non-existent; eliminativism and connectionism; philosophy of science: the nature of scientific knowledge.


Extra notes

  • On Descartes and the problem of interaction, you may like to look at the Wikipedia articles on the pineal gland and Elisabeth of Bohemia. Both contains useful information and links.
  • If you’re interested in following up our brief discussion of quantum immortality (not strictly relevant to the topic of the lectures!), see David Lewis ‘How many lives has Schrödinger’s cat?’ Australasian Journal of Philosophy 82 (1): 3–22 (2004). There is discussion of Lewis’s views in David Papineau ‘David Lewis and Schrödinger’s cat’ Australasian Journal of Philosophy 82.1: 153–69 (2004) and István Aranyosi ‘Should we fear quantum torment?’, Ratio 25.3: 249-59 (2012). These papers also contains references to further discussions of the topic.