Peep Show does consciousness

Mark: Look, Jeremy, a physical duplicate is a duplicate simpliciter, OK? There’s no magical qualia dust, and the fact that David Chalmers has cool hair and a leather jacket doesn’t change that.

Jeremy: Yes, and there are no colours or sounds or feelings, and we are all dead inside. Well, that may be your world, Mark, but it’s not mine!

Super Hans: Panpsychism, Mark. That’s where it’s at. Fucking atoms buzzing with qualia. Electrons tripping their nuts off. Quarks on acid. Mental!

Johnson: My brain is a qualia-free zone, Mark. I want my neurons spiking hard producing top-quality management decisions, not lounging around watching Netflix in the Cartesian Theatre.

Sophie: That’s right Mark, you’ve no qualia, and you suck the qualia out of other people. You’re a qualia vacuum cleaner that hoovers up all the mental life around you.

Dobby: Gerard and me have built a robot that thinks it has qualia! We’re going to take it to TSC and get it in a fight with David Chalmers.