Phenomenality and Intentionality conference, Crete 2012

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An international conference on the relation between the phenomenal and intentional contents of experience, co-sponsored by the University of Crete’s Brain and Mind Programme and Department of Philosophy and Social Studies and held at the Historical Museum of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, from Tuesday 12 June to Thursday 14 June, 2012.

Organized by Keith Frankish (The Open University & University of Crete) and Maria Venieri (The University of Crete).

This webpage is a record of the event and a home for resources related to it.
Here are the conference programme, abstracts of the talks, and a press release issued to the Greek press. (Note: In the event, the talk by Michael Tye listed in the programme had to be cancelled for personal reasons. It was replaced by a second talk by David Chalmers.)


David Bourget (University of London) and Angela Mendelovici (University of Western Ontario)
The derived content view

David Chalmers (Australian National University)
Three puzzles about spatial experience

Sam Coleman (University of Hertfordshire)
An intentional theory of phenomenality: Consciousness as the world apprehending itself

Keith Frankish (The Open University/University of Crete)
Humphrey on consciousness

Richard Gray (Cardiff University)
Does Heat perception belong to touch?

Nicholas Humphrey (Darwin College, Cambridge)
Soul Dust: The magic of consciousness

Heather Logue (University of Leeds)
What should the naive realist say about hallucinations?

Drakoulis Nikolinakos (National and Kapodestrian University of Athens)
Comment on Tye

Casey O’Callaghan (Rice University)
Cross-sensory synaesthesis

Athanasios Raftopoulos (University of Cyprus)
Perceptual modes of presentation

Howard Robinson (Central European University)
How does phenomenology put us in touch with the physical world? A defence of a traditional empiricist approach to perceptual content

Michael Tye (University of Texas)
Transparency, qualia realism, and representationalism (Talk cancelled for personal reasons.)

Maria Venieri (University of Crete)
On the problem of phenomenal space


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