Mind and Science 2017

Note: This page contains information related to my 2017 lecture course at the University of Crete. Information about my past teaching activities can be found in my CV.

Introductory lectures on philosophy of mind and philosophy of science for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme in the Brain and Mind Sciences, University of Crete, March-April 2017.

Below are copies of the slide presentations from my lectures. These are primarily for my students, but anyone is welcome to view them.

Note: The presentations contain various images, linked videos, and quotations. I believe my use of these counts as ‘fair use’ (if the material is not already in the public domain), but if anyone feels that their copyright has been infringed, please contact me and I will remove the relevant material immediately.

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Update (1/4/17): Download links have been added and embedded videos should now play. If anything doesn’t work, please let me know.

Update (24/4/17). The exam will be on 28/04/17 (check your timetable for time and room). The exam paper will have six sections, corresponding to the six lectures, each containing ten questions. Each question will carry two marks. You should answer 40 questions only (not 50, as originally announced). Since there are 60 questions in total on the paper, this means you should omit 20 questions. You may choose which ones. You could omit two whole sections or you could spread the omitted questions between sections. You should write your answers, in English, in the space provided on the exam paper. Some questions require only a single-sentence answer and the rest can be answered in two or three sentences.

Lecture 1 (29/03/17): The immaterial mind

(i) Introduction to philosophy of mind (ii) Substance dualism & idealism

Lecture 2 (31/03/17): The material mind

(i) Behaviourism (ii) Identity theory

Lecture 3 (03/04/17): The mechanical mind

(i) The mind as computer (ii) Psychosemantics: The problem of mental content (iii) Eliminativism (iv) The connectionist challenge

Lecture 4 (04/04/17): Dualism fights back!

(i) The problem of consciousness (ii) Property dualism (iii) Varieties of property dualism

Lecture 5 (05/04/17): Physicalism counterattacks

(i) Against property dualism (ii) Explaining consciousness (iii) Quining qualia

Lecture 6 (07/04/17): Philosophy of science